Time of Trouble: Epidemic, masculinities and youth

Vortrag (in englischer Sprache mit deutscher Simultanübersetzung): Raewyn Connell

8. November 2021, 9:15-10:20


We face a deadly, socially-transmitted epidemic which is gendered in significant ways, and poses significant issues about men and boys. Research on the making of masculinities, a worldwide field of knowledge by the 1990s, has continued to develop. We have more understanding about situations across the global South, about race and precarity, and about new patterns of masculinity. Current research offers resources for work with boys, but also poses questions. Changes in young people's everyday lives, changes in employment, changes in gender attitudes, and changes in the political world, call for attention. They require us to think about possible directions for boyswork into the future, around meaningful work, collective action on health and environment, and other issues. The epidemic particularly shows that we need ideas about masculinities that can sustain a gender-equal society in rapidly-changing and stressful conditions. 

Raewyn Connell is Professor Emerita, University of Sydney, and Life Member of the National Tertiary Education Union.  She has taught in several countries and is a widely-cited sociological researcher, the author of Gender & Power, Masculinities, The Men and the Boys, Southern Theory, and many journal articles.  Her recent books include The Good University and Gender: In World Perspective (currently in its 4th edition). Her work has been translated into twenty-two languages. Raewyn has been active in the labour movement, and in work for education, gender equality and peace. Details at www.raewynconnell.net and Twitter @raewynconnell. 

Foto by Wynston Lee